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Dirty Injectors, the true story.......

It is the build up of varnishes, lacquers, debris and residue in the fuel system that causes injectors to clog, just like blocked arteries causing a heart attack.

These sticky, waxy deposits and petrol residues block fuel injectors in the fuel filter baskets and at the seat of the pintle, causing irregular spray patterns and reduced fuel flow quantities.

Water contamination in fuel causes rust and debris to build up in the fuel rail and fuel delivery system resulting in further clogging (blockages) in fuel injectors.

Furthermore, reduced fuel flow quantities caused by fuel restriction create abnormally high combustion temperatures resulting in contaminant hardening on fuel injectors.

Rebreathing of exhaust gases into the induction system (ERG Valve) causes carbon deposit build-ups at the tip of the pintle.

Neither pressure nor chemical alone can remove all the fragments of wax, debris, tars, varnishescand lacquers which build up fuel injectors causing them to block and leak.

Only HIGH-TECH's ASNU ultrasonic bath can safely clean and remove this build-up without damaging the injectors or fuel delivery systems.

State of the art diagnostic equipment to keep your injection system working at it's maximum efficiency.

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