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Meta Alarms - Fit & Forget.


There are only two types of vehicle security system. The one you fit and regret. Or the one you fit and forget. When you have a Meta security system fitted to your vehicle you can afford to relax. Designed by experts. Fitted by specialists. Meta security systems are the ‘fit and forget’ solution that combines quality with reliability and ease-of-use.

REASSURING - Every Meta security system is installed by experts who know exactly how to make life hard for thieves and easy for you. So you can forget about complicated operating instructions.

FLEXIBLE - Meta security systems are designed to fit in with your lifestyle. As well as core security features, the Meta range includes a host of options that you can fit or later. So you can forget about your system losing its edge.

RELIABLE - The tough design is built to last. Every component is chosen for its reliability. So you can forget about your system letting you down.

ADVANCED - You do not need to know how Meta’s advanced circuitry, resin-bonded immobiliser technology and other innovations work. You just need to know that thieves hate it all because it’s so effective.

CONVENIENT - Ergonomically designed to make busy lives easier and hassle free - just ‘blip and go!’


“We just don’t have any problems with Meta Systems.”

Greg Morris - Auto Audio


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